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"The best magicians with tinfoil around their head I've ever seen!"

Columbus, Ohio

"Dynamic and Engaging! A unique blend of comedy and magic with immense talent"

Atlanta, Georgia

"Absolutely Unique"

Chicago, Illinois

David & Brayden are one of the country's premier performing arts duos hailing from exotic........ Columbus, Ohio. They blend unhinged comedy, eclectic magic, and a lot of eye-rolling to create a one-of-a-kind magic show with two times the mischief, twice the performers, and double the laughs. 

David & Brayden Have been featured locally at the Columbus Arts Festival, Columbus's own Commfest, and other events all over the country.


 but you can regularly find

them at the Two Dollar $oup Variety Show, Cleveland's Wizbang Circus Theater, and at the world famous P3 Magic Theater where they are resident performers.

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